Sam – Interactivity and things

As I was reading Chapter 1 in Crawford’s text The Art of Interactive Design, I couldn’t help but think about myself and my most recent job. While I was redesigning the UI & UX of an upcoming mobile app, I couldn’t help but wonder how much more efficient the app creation process would be if I could just code along the way.

Nowadays, it seems that mostly everyone is multitalented. Hybrids, whether coder + designer or artist + producer, simply seem to get the job done faster and, in my experience, more successfully. And, I think this is probably because they envision the purpose of their products/creations more precisely. In completing various tasks, one more thoroughly understands how and why something should be done.

As Crawford claims “good in interactivity design integrates form with function” (12). I believe this holds true with any type of designs that are not primarily aesthetically pleasing. The input -> process -> output model is becoming more relevant, as the tech world delves into both augmented and virtual reality. Designers are now required to consider both the interaction and immersion with technology more seriously.

My favorite thing from this chapter: “Interaction is not reaction on a higher plane of existence” (8).

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