Bright Lights

Hi All,

This was by far one of the most frustrating things that I have ever done.  I was a situation of knowing what the computer had to do in English, but completely over complicating it and forgetting simple stuff when coding. (Ex. “Serial.begin(9600)”) Dumb. Not having power plugged in.  Dumb.  In the end, with a serious amount of help from Scott, it worked.

There are a whole bunch of next steps.  I think the visual feedback is really important as a guide. Like the glove I made, the LED tells you which scale you a playing.  Creating a trellis like board that would support the 4 pronged through hole NeoPixels seems like a lot of work and skills that I don’t have, but Mike’s arcade buttons inspired me.  An arcade button MIDI controller with customizable LED colors.  Get a microSD card reader and a speaker in there. Awesome. Get some bluetooth or other wireless protocol and have two of them talking to each other. Awesome.  So many ideas.

Anyway, here is the video:

Here’s the Arduino Code:

Here’s the processing code:

Thank you all for such an awesome class. I had a bitchin’ time.


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