What Computing Means to Me.

Throughout this class, my perception of technology has been turned on its head.  I have always felt naturally curious to explore things that were put in front of me, but never really thought to dig any deeper.  It was like… “Oh this is cool. I can do so many cool things with this?” But I never really thought about how it could be improved.  The picture under glass description of current technology and the lack of natural hand motions have really changed my outlook.

As I’ve said multiple times, everything that I learn I immediately try to think about how it is applicable for my students.  While I think that current technology is a wonderful teaching and learning aid, there is so much more room for exploration.  Instead of having a virtual piano on their phones, why not create their own pair of piano gloves.

It also solves some of my big problems with students today.  In order for a student to create something, they have to work together and therefor there picture under glass devices are put away.  They may be using technology to create new technology, but they are not being zombified by it. Technology is a wonderful tool when it is used correctly.  Unfortunately, many people, not just children, are pacified by it instead of inspired by it.

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