JS Final – Sliding Images Music of Rachels and Images of Egon Schiele

Here is Version 3 of my Slide Show algorithm!


This Program works simply by using one of the two slide potentiometers to control the picture on screen as well as the music in the background. The volume level of the sample just called as well as the volume level of the background music can be controlled.


It’s the prototype for an Art Installation that requires user participation to “mix” the music with these selectable fragments/


Problems: Overall it was not too challenging getting everything working, the only hurdle encountered was truly getting a grasp for how the serial commands work. The handshake between the serial port and processing can be tricky which is why a number of lines of code are needed to make sure the data streams are lined up properly. I was accidently streaming data in before the system was ready to accept any data, that lead to a number of issues that were cleanly resolved with a if statement that checked if the data stream was truly ready to be read in.


In regards to the program I will hit some of the highlight functions. I built a custom class duoPA that was able to load in the music files as well as the pictures and pair them together. So whenever my sample selector would select a point it would be referencing two files. Also have a pixel scrambler running in the background as well as a function that randomly selects sections of a loaded in picture and throw it into the main screen. Everything is controlled by millis() and modulo division looking for zero for timing.


It was a ton of fun getting this all working and I can’t wait to ship out v4!





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