I’ve got no strings

Wireless communication is pretty rad. At the end of the day though, it’s all about radios that act as modems. A modem is a device that takes digital information (like serial communication) modulates these signals for transmission, the demodulates them on the other end to feats on the gooey insides of the signal.

We have a number of options for wireless communication, we’ll start easy, and move our down the ladder of difficulty.

  • Bluetooth : a pretty simple protocol that can be used to transmit data like sensor information, but also more complex signals like audio. The modems used with the Arduino are pretty simple and just create a serial connection between the computer and the microcontroller
  • Xbee : slightly more complex. Modems need to be configured to communicate with each other.
    • configure serially
      • easiest with a usb-serial adapter
      • CoolTerm is great for talking with the modems (key emulation to CR)
      • Put into command mode with “+++”
      • ATID (PAN ID number)
      • ATMY (self ID)
      • ATDH (destination high)
      • ATDL (destination low)
      • ATWR (saves)
      • Xbee shield needs to be on USB switch
  • GSM (similar to WiFi & Ethernet, but much cooler)

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