What computing means{does} to Sam~

Since spring semester of 2015, my understanding of computing has drastically changed. Less than a year ago, I’d look at any type of code and think “I have absolutely *no* idea what any of this means”. It’s a strange thing now that I enjoy hacking (or attempting to anyway) my way through Processing and Arduino sketches and C# scripts. And, in a couple of months, I’ll be learning more languages. Studying code is truly eyeopening and I’ve grown a passion for creating games, applications, and experiences. One of the main reasons I’ve become so fond of creative coding is because we, as creators, have the opportunity to influence and impact people’s lives.

I experienced this in particular when I demoed my first VR (virtual reality) game in Shanghai earlier this year in May. For three hours, I stood there (fortunately enough) witnessing people’s first time experiences in VR! (And they were playing something I made *wHat?*). I’ll never forget the expressions on peoples faces, some of the words coming out of their mouths, and the strangely unexpected results from user testing my stuff with several people. That’s where I also noticed the significance of design and functionality and the *importance* of expecting the unexpected (aka the user you’d never be). So, at this point – after I have gained a better understanding of Arduino and its ability to prototype any cool ideas one may have – I am crowded with thoughts of what I’m going to do next. A custom made controller for the virtual world? A 2d human bubble catcher game? An interactive piece of clothing or accessory? An nicely designed but fully functional interactive safety mechanism? New media — ah, the exponential evolution of tech. I don’t see why we shouldn’t immerse ourselves…which reminds me of this comedian I saw the other week. She went on and on about how everyone thinks that robots are going to *take over the world* and adding on to that by saying then *don’t create* them. And, though she was kind of funny, I found myself cringing a little bit because discouraging creativity (and especially within the tech world) is a big *wtf are you saying that?* in my world.

The growing interactivity of things allows us to connect in ways we could’ve never imagined before. And the opportunity we have to evolve the ever-changing softwares…forever. I want to adapt coding as a native language, and I want to create as much as I can in an equal amount of mind-boggling and straight forward real and virtual things.

And, now I’m done~

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