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Self Potato

Good morning!

This is my lovely selfie. It is complete with my utter lack of drawing ability and disgustingly large smile.

For those of you who are confused about the title of this post, check it out:


And here’s the code:


“Distraction” by Sam

For my self-portrait, I decided to go down a slightly different path as shown in the screenshot below. In this strange piece, I reflect upon myself, New York’s finest distractions, and my processing skills.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 22.47.17

I didn’t want to display the various key functions as I wanted a clear canvas to paint on. But, I did want to incorporate a few different options to make the painting more fun.

Bonus! Some various other sketches made with slightly edited code (not included) before I arrived at the final masterpiece, (featuring Phil the tilted).

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 22.40.57 Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 21.17.20


Our assignment was timely for me this weekend as I headed to visit my uncle and family. Three awesome kids and two very playful cats! So Goofy poke a dot socks a few hangers and I was set to go. I didn’t get a video while I was with them  and the cats, but it worked well. The socks spun as they were supposed to and the hangers provided a nice bounce.


Love-O-Meter Mishap

Hey guys,  hopefully you can help me figure this one out.  I’m betting that the “shock factor” was due to how I wired this and not a faulty part.  Please let me know what you think though!

Mike Thal – Bread Plate and Drink 2.0

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!  You’ll find all the information on my upgraded device in the video below.

Jeopardy Buzzer

Hi All,

When thinking about this project, I was immediately brought back to work and my students.  Teachers in my building are constantly playing jeopardy as a review and the kids always argue about who buzzed in first.  I wanted to try and solve that issue, so I created a simple buzzer.  It could be built out with more switches and LEDs, but I went with two for now.  Anything to reduce the bickering and increase the learning is great for students and teachers. 🙂

Here’s a video:


Here’s the code:

It’s super simple, but it gets the job done.


Sam and Anna’s Phone Case Alarm

For our program we wanted to create a portable alarm system that would trigger an alert (output) based on an input from the user. While we currently only have the prototype, the final product would have the touch sensors built into a phone case along with a microcontroller that could communicate to an Arduino or another microcontroller via Bluetooth.

In order to trigger the alarm, the user presses the sensor built into their phone case, and this causes the LED to light up, signaling to an emergency contact (family, significant other, etc.) that the user is in distress. In order to prevent accidental triggering of the alarm, we set multiple pressure thresholds for the pressure sensor so that light/accidental touches wouldn’t trigger the alarm light; only a very firm touch will cause it to go off.  These different pressure thresholds simulate different buttons within the program.

Moving forward, we want to include a feature to leave the alarm light on until the user decides to turn it off again (presumably when he/or she is no longer in danger).  In the current model we simply set a long delay to leave the alarm light on for a prolonged period of time.

Sam & Anna Phone Alarm

The structure of our code was taken from this website. We modified it slightly to fit our circuit.

Joe’s Medicine Ball Switch

Video is short and sweet, but please feel free to ask any questions!



Echo-Love Type Switch

Hi all,

Here is my “Love Type Switch.” I created it when I was practicing my calligraphy. Hope you enjoy watching it:)

Courtney – Switch & Story

Hi all,

Here is the custom switch and the story behind it. (Skip to :32 to just watch the  switch video.)


Thanks for watching and feel free to ask any questions!