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Hi again,

It was wonderful to meet and learn from all of you,  and also thank you Scott for being a fantastic professor. I hope we all stay in touch, or that in the future I see all of your work advertised on billboards all over the city (ideally, both scenarios). Best of luck to you all in the coming semester and forward.

Here is the link to my final:

Thanks guys!

not my final – but a missing post

Hi all,

Here is assignment of combining an existing processing sketch with arduino controls. I believe I showed it in class (maybe over the break?) but now it can also live permanently on the site.


final – processing


new media

1 page…not that long but would be an obnoxious blog post

my apologies in advances for the slight tirade-ish tone.


Art Project: Facial Recognition Mapping

Hi all,

This is one of my favorite art pieces; it has made a lasting impression on me since the first time I saw it and I thought you all might enjoy. ‘Sharing Faces’ is a set of paired screens, one in Japan and the other in Korea, that mirrors participant’s expressions to a previous recording captured on the other side. It works to create a shared sense of humanity and connectedness to areas with historically complex relationships.




pittsburgh roads

Hi all,

I’ve been on the road this weekend trekking back and forth to Pittsburgh. Sadly I didn’t have a lot of time to make something super cool, but I made a little safety mechanism inspired by the not so stellar divers of NY, NJ, and good ol Pennsylvania.

With this, if you decide to take your eyes off the road, text, or look for your easy pass, your lovely view of pbrgh bridges will flash a red warning.





lonely pong

Hi all,

I got super frustrated trying to make two player pong, so this is my lonely one player pong :(.

I really struggled with the collision detection (and also trying to make it two player) so I didnt invest enough time into the cool features it should have like score, reset/start (boolean?), and phrases that pop up like ‘you lose!’

I think I need a bit more practice, but here is my lazy lonely pong!






working with classes

I tried to do 3 simple balls affected by gravity…and then through the internet I inevitably got introduced to using classes. I like them because they seem to organize and simplify things (especially repeated actions and objects), but it was harder for me to understand because its not as linear as what we did on thursday (instead of making objects and applying actions, you sort of make your actions and apply them to objects).

It was confusing, but I found a really nice youtube demo that walked through it and I left a ton of little notes in my code.


youtube tutorial : Jose Sanchez, Tutorial 7 Classes,


*could not figure out how to randomize xPos and yPos, I replaced all the x/y with xPos/yPos and inserted our code from Thursday under void move but it made the ball frantically shake.  Also, I am curious about where in the class I would insert a keypress to add some interaction. Thanks!



self portrait by Courtney

Not sure if this is a self-portrait or a picture of dave grohl without facial hair….I tried my best. Im also really excited to be back in NYC for the summer.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 12.12.42 AM




Servos Behaving Badly

Hi all,

I was really excited about making a stupid trick game this week. Unfortunately I didn’t get that far. I could not get my servo to behave. What a frustrating weekend (I almost put my Arduino in the freezer overnight)…

Heres what I tried:

1) Servo Demo with Potentiometer (code from Examples> Arduino) (then 2 codes from the web that still produced no results)

Produced no values in serial print to indicate the potentiometer was working (Also tried putting in a photoresistor, did not seem to do anything either)


2) Servo Arduino Example Mood Indicator (code from Starter Kit > Servo Mood)

Got a response from serial print but still couldn’t control my Servo


3) Button Controlled

Could get this to work, but adding another button didn’t work.  (note, not my code, lost the original source but I can find it again!)

4) Simple Rotations

Worked, but odd clicking sounds and humming made me wonder if there is a problem with the Servo


Eventually I just figured I would bring it in and switch to playing with the LED light instead.


(Still determined to make a stupid trick though!)